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November 10, 2006
Voice of America
Washington, DC
"Congressional Changes Focus New Attention on US Foreign Policy toward Africa" Article by Howard Lesser
Read  |  Listen to Chris Fomunyoh [mp3]
November 8, 2006
Institute for War and
Peace Reporting

ICC - Africa Update
"Congolese Braced for More Trouble" Article by Ayesha Kajee in Johannesburg Read
Le 26 Mai, 2006
"Rencontre avec la Diaspora des Etats-Unis : Niels Marquartd affiche son amitiƩ pour les Camerounais" Par Alex Gustave AZEBAZE
Lire la suite
May 2, 2006
Ginny's Thoughts Gambia
Interview with Ousainou Darbo by Baba Galleh Jallow Read
November 23, 2005
Voice of America
Washington, DC
"Liberian President-Elect has Large Challenges, Rich Background" Article by Deborah Block Read
November 14, 2005
Public Broadcasting Service
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Gwen Ifill speaks about the election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as Liberia's president and the challenges ahead for the West African nation with Chris Fomunyoh, senior associate for Africa at the National Democratic Institute, and Mike McGovern from the International Crisis Group.
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Read this interview

August 25, 2005
Bameda, Cameroon

Impact Alliance mobilizing NGO capacity in Cameroon: Dan Barthmaier, a Johns Hopkins SAIS student completing a summer internship with The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) in Bamenda, Cameroon, tells about his experiences helping conduct workshops for local NGOs. Read

August 21, 2005
The Herald

Awa Stateson, country-coordinator of The Fomunyoh Foundation, on NGOs in the North West. Read

July 23, 2005
ICIcemac, Cameroon

Dr Chris Fomunyoh "Prolonging Biya's mandate is dangerous for our country" by Mokun Njouny Nelson. Read

July 19, 2005
The Herald, Cameroon

Cameroon: Media organs urged to adopt community-oriented programmes. Read

Le 17 Juin 2005
ICIcemac, Cameroun

Christopher Fomunyuh "En tant que Camerounais, je suis préoccupé par l’avenir de mon pays." Lire la suite

Issue 6.2
Summer/Fall 2005
Georgetown Journal of
International Affairs
"Africa's Democratic Deficit" Article by Chris Fomunyoh Read
June 16, 2005
BBC World Today

"African statesmen speak their minds," — BBC interviews five of the continent's elder statesmen to find out what their message would be to the G8 leaders. Read

June 8, 2005
BBC World Service: Africa Live

What to do with former heads of state when they leave office is a source of debate for many Africans. The African Statesmen Initiative, which is being launched in Mali is hoping to focus on the positive examples of life after office. BBC Africa Live is asking: Is there life after the presidency? Should retired presidents be involved in politics? And should they continue to enjoy immunity?

  Interview with H.E. Amos Sawyer, Former President of Liberia; H.E. Jerry Rawlings, Former President of Ghana; and Dr. Chris Fomunyoh, Senior Associate for Africa, NDI (3.5 MB)
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June 6, 2005
African Statesmen Initiative Symposium: Leadership and Democratization Remarks by Kenneth Wollack, President, National Democratic Institute Read
June 5-8, 2005
ASI- African

Bamako, Mali
Panel I: Leadership, Security, and Conflict Management Read
June 5-8, 2005
ASI - African

Bamako, Mali
Final Report "Inaugural Symposium on Leadership and Democratization" Read
May 21, 2005
"Ghana, Beacon of Stability in West Africa; South Africa's New National Party Disbands; Mozambique's Marxist Rule Becomes Democratic" INSIDE AFRICA Program Transcript Read
February 9, 2005
"Africa: African Solutions To African Problems: A Slogan Whose Time Has Passed" Article by Dr. Chris Fomunyoh Read
February 8, 2005
The Post Online and ICIcemac, Cameroon
"African Solutions To African Problems: A Slogan Whose Time Has Passed" Article by Dr. Chris Fomunyoh Read
Le 24 Janvier, 2005
Conseil du Dr Fomunyoh du NDI aux partis burkinabé : "Evitez un jeu politique malsain!" Lire la suite
October 28, 2004
Voice of America
Washington, USA
Challenges Remain to Consolidating Democracy in Several African Countries. Read | Download
Le 6 Octobre 2004
Le Messager, Cameroun
Christopher Fomunyoh, directeur Afrique du Ndi:
"Le bilan du president Biya peut davantage etre"

A 49 ans, le Camerounais Christopher Fomunyoh, dirige la region Afrique du National democratic institute (Ndi), l'Ong americaine basee a Washington et chargee de la promotion de la democratie, de la gouvernance responsable et du respect des droits humains....
Lire la suite
September 2004
TFF Press release: Fomunyoh Foundation Trains More Than 100. Activists and Journalists on Effective Communications — Strengthening Civil Society in Cameroon. Read
Le 30 Août 2004
Mutation, Cameroun
Christopher Fomunyoh: L'impunité ne doit pas être la norme. Lire la suite
June 12, 2004
Houston, Texas, USA
A keynote speech by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh at the Cameroon Society of Engineers 7th Annual Convention: “We must use your talents and expertise as engineers to develop and promote our country and our continent”. Read
April 21, 2004
The GuardianPost
Bamenda, Cameroon
Fomunyoh remind's African heads of state, there is life after state house. Read
April 13, 2004
Cameroun Tribune
Presidentials: Fomunyoh Evasive On His Candidature.
Says Cameroonians should hope, register and ensure free and fair elections or become defeatists. Many who rushed for last Thursday's press conference in Bamenda by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, Africa regional director of the National Democratic ... Read
Le 16 Février 2004

Christopher Fomunyoh: Paul Biya est responsable de l’inertie.
October 11, 2003
Campaign Group

London, UK
Conference Calls for Independent Electoral Commission, respect for human rights, the alleviation of poverty and the elimination of HIV-AIDS in Cameroon.
Dr Chris Fomunyoh is a key speaker. Read
Le 5 Septembre 2003
Afrik.com Journal
L'Afrique a l'epreuve de la democratie:
Dr Chris Fomunyoh du National institute for international affairs, par David Cadasse. Lire la suite
Le 21 Août 2003
The Washington File
"African expert guardedly optimistic about Cote d'Ivoire Reconciliation: NDI's Fomunyoh moderated multi-party peace and reconciliation conference" by Charles W. Corey. Read
Augest 13, 2003
Minnesota Public Radio
Conflict easing in Liberia:
Chris Fomunyoh, senior associate for Africa at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Washington, DC was a guest on the Minnesota Public Radio "Midmorning" programm.  Écouter
May 5, 2003
BBC's Newshour
Discussion with NDI's Senior Associate for Africa Christopher Fomunyoh and George Shire on BBC'c Newshour
Read transcript | Listen
May 2003
The Africa Journal
Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh on Monitoring the Recent Nigerian Elections. Read
January 28, 2003
Pew International Journalism Program
Washington, DC

"Africa Has Made Impressive Gains Towards Democratic Rule, But Huge Chal lenges Remain, Says Africa Expert" by Trenton Daniel.

WASHINGTON, January 28, 2003 - African countries have made considerable progress developing democratic institutions since the end of the Cold War, but many formidable challenges remain, a noted specialist on African democracy told the spring 2003 Pew Fellows. Read

Le14 Janvier 2003
Douala, Cameroun
"La democratie n'as pas encore pris corps dans notre societe", Douala, Cameroun
-Interview with Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
December 13, 2002
The Post
Feasting With Women In The Village
by Fedelis Pegue Manga

The feast was holding for the third time in three years. Its success, however, did not depend on temperament but on the insight of the organizer of the Feast of the Women in the village of Bonendale Douala. Read

December 13, 2002
The Post
Stability Can't Be Obtained By Decree - Dr. Fomunyoh
-Interview with Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
December 6, 2002
Equinox Radio
Douala, Cameroon
Transcrip t of interview with Charles Ako of Radio Equinox, Douala, Cameroon
-Interview with Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
December 3, 2002
Magic FM
Yaounde, Cameroon
Transcript of Interview with Magic FM, Yaounde, Cameroon
-Interview with Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
December 2, 2002
Yaounde, Cameroon
Transcript of "60 Minutes" with Peter Esoka, CRTV Yaounde, Cameroon
-Interview with Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
January 25, 2002
Toronto, Canada
View Dr. Fomunyoh's discussion on "Democratization in Fits and Starts: The Challenges Ahead" at the National Forum on Africa Meeting,organized by the Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development at the Department of Foreig n Affairs and International Trade and partner universities, Toronto,Canada, January 25, 2002
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Read printed version of the discussion featured by National Democratic Institute for International Affairs .
 | PDF format, Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

October 16, 2001
Bassa-Douala, Cameroon

"US-Based NDI Top Shot Condemns SCNC Deaths, Calls For Investigations"
by Ndikum P. Tanifom

The Regional Director for Africa of the Washington-based National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh has called for thorough investigations into the recent killing of three persons in Kumbo in the Northwest during activities by Southern Cameroon's National Council (SCNC) militants to commemorate Anglophone Cameroon's 40th independence anniversary. Scores of others were wounded while several people were arrested in Kumbo and Bamenda. Read

Le 17 Juillet 2001
Le Messager, Cameroon
A Weekly Electronic Publication of the GMM Group,

Christopher Fomonyoh, directeur pour l’Afrique du NDI:
“L’ONEL ne peut organiser des élections crédibles ”

Entretien mené te; à Washington par, Pius N. Njawe
Les Camerounais se souviennent certainement encore du NDI, cet organisme américain qui, en 1992, avait dressé un rapport d'observation accablant sur l'élection présidentielle que ses observateurs avaient suivie de bout en bout. Le gouvernement Biya, par la voix d'un certain Augustin Kontchou Kouomegni, avait alors accusé, le National Democratic Institute et Madame Frances Cook, à l'époque Ambassadeur des Etats-Unis au Cameroun, de rouler pour le candidat de l'opposition , John Fru Ndi. Read

October 14, 2000 New World Radio Interview with Christopher Fomunyoh
September 5, 2000
The Mail
Bassa-Douala, Cameroon
"NDI decided not to come to Cameroon after 1992"
by Ndikum P. Tanifom

The Regional Director for West, Central and East Africa at the Washington-based National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Cameroonian-born Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh says "having ended its involvement in Cameroon following the October 1992 Presidential elections, there was no further rationale for us to work either with the institutions that emerged from the elections, or with political parties or other democratic institutions." Read

September 5, 2000
The Mail
Bassa-Douala, Cameroon
"NDI may still look for ways to be helpful to democrats in Cameroon."
— Interview with Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
September 3, 2000 Cameroon Calling Interview with Christopher Fomunyoh
Fall 2000 BBC Interview with Christopher Fomunyoh
August 31, 2000 “TFF Lays the Groundwork for Formal Launching in Cameroon” - Christopher Fomunyoh’s Press conference at U.S. Embassy (report and transcript)

May 9, 2000

“The Perils of Peacekeeping”
Read this material on PBS. org Online Newshour.

Le 5 Janvier 2000
Los Angeles/Berkeley
Requires Real Audio Player

Audio version: LA Berkeley, Morning Show
Chris Fomunyoh speaks on recent events in Cote d'Ivoire

Chicago Radio

29 December, 1999
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Audio version: Chicago Radio, Worldview
Chris Fomunyoh speaks on recent events in Cote d'Ivoire

Los Angeles Times
28 December, 1999

Junta's Reform Pledge Lifts Hopes for Ivory Coast
Ann M. Simmons, Times Staff Writer

NAIROBI, Kenya - As life began to return to normal in Ivory Coast on Monday after a largely bloodless Christmas Eve coup, hope grew that there would be little domestic upheaval if the new military rulers kept their promise to restore democratic rule. Diplomats and analysts said the former French colony--experiencing its first-ever coup after years in which it was among Africa's most stable countries--might follow the example of Nigeria and Niger, where within the last year military regimes handed power back to civilians. <<read more...>>

National Public Radio
26 December, 1999
Requires Real Audio Player

Audio version: NPR, All Things Considered -
Cote D'Ivoire, interview with Chris Fomunyoh

The President of the Cote d'Ivoire, commonly known as the Ivory Coast, today fled the country in the wake of Friday's coup, leaving questions about the future of one of Africa's most stable countries. Chris Fomunyoh, regional director for East and West Africa at the National Democratic Institute (Washington DC), visited Cote d' Ivoire just last week, and says he too was caught by surprise by the takeover led by Gen. Robert Guie (Gay). <<text version: read more...>>

SDF North American Convention,
Washington DC
27 November, 1999

Keynote Address on "Democratization in Africa:
Prospects for the 21st century"

Chris Fomunyoh, Ph.D.
Needless to say, this convention is taking place a few weeks before the beginning of the next millennium; and so it is the most ideal time to take stock, to assess the past, reflect on the present and contemplate the future. This is the ideal time to look at our continent of Africa, to look at our cumulative struggle as small 'd' democrats, our contribution in ways big and small to the cause in a place dear to our hearts -Cameroon - and ponder upon how far we have come and how distant we still must travel. For this reason I felt it would be appropriate to share with you my thoughts on democratization in Africa and the prospects for the 21st century. << read more...>>

On the African Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS),
Dakar, Senegal
12 November, 1999

NDI's Fomunyoh Rates ACSS Initiative as Smashing Success
Jim Fisher-Thompson Washington File Staff Correspondent

The National Democratic Institute's (NDI's) regional director for Central, Eastern and West Africa has described the first session of the U.S.-African Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) as "a very valuable and productive exercise in bridge-building between two groups in Africa that have traditionally been at odds -- the military and civilians." Chris Fomunyoh, said, "I am rather optimistic that even the most skeptical individuals on both sides [military and civilian] now ...." << read more...>>

NewsWatch, Nigeria
June, 1999

They Came, They Observed
By Mudiaga Ofuoku

When observer groups first surfaced on the Nigerian electoral scene to witness the presidential election of June 12, 1993, Nigerians considered the idea an entirely novel one. Today it has grown to become an accepted feature of the country's electoral process, with local observer groups also taking part in it. <<read more...>>

National Democratic Institute funds Abuja forum
30 April 1999

Nigerian Governors Meet Courtesy of US NGO's Support
Jim Fisher-Thompson, USIA Staff Writer

WASHINGTON - Newly elected state governors in Nigeria recently met to discuss issues of importance in the ongoing democratic transition thanks to funding from the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to self-governance training worldwide. Several Americans participated in the forum, held in the federal capital of Abuja, including: former governor of Pennsylvania Richard Thornburgh, and Lieutenant-Governor of South Dakota Carole Hillard. NDI's Regional Director for Central, East and West Africa Christopher Fomunyoh helped organize the gathering. <<read more...>

Washington Post Foreign Service
10 December, 1998

Gabon's Bongo Latest Strongman to Maintain Grip
James Rupert

Libreville, Gabon, Dec. 9 - Today's declaration of victory for President Omar Bongo extends a pattern in this year of presidential elections in West Africa: After nearly a decade of creeping democratization, the region's remaining Cold War-era strongmen are under pressure to retreat but are finding ways to adapt and hang on.
<<read more...>>

Los Angeles Times
9 December, 1998

Nigeria's Transition elections
ANN M. SIMMONS, Times Staff Writer

BUJA, Nigeria--International and domestic monitors on Tuesday praised the conduct of Nigeria's local elections last weekend but warned that some problems will have to be sorted out before state and federal voting early next year.
<<read more...>

CNN Transcrpit
28 March, 1998

Clinton's Visit to Africa: Hope for the Future

President Clinton's Africa trip is the first by a sitting U.S. president, in which he has visited the prison that held Nelson Mandela for 18 years and talked of the European slave trade on the African continent.
GUESTS: Chris Fomunyoh
BYLINE: Gene Randall <<read more...>

Washington Post Foreign Service
25 October, 1997

Cameroon Election, President's Victory Called a `Mockery of Democracy'
By James Rupert

According to the government and political party of President Paul Biya, Cameroon's voters overwhelmingly turned out this month to applaud his 15 years in power and elect him to seven more. According to virtually everyone else, Biya's proclaimed reelection is the Big Lie that deepens political frustration and nudges Cameroon toward the sort of violent upheaval seen recently across much of Central Africa.
<<read more...>>

Washington Post Foreign Service
29 June, 1997

African Coups Upset March of Democracy
By James Rupert

The past month's street fights for power in three African capitals underscore that this continent's saluted post-Cold War transition from authoritarian rule toward democracy remains at an early, embattled stage.
Pillars of smoke have risen over the capitals of the Congo Republic, Sierra Leone and the Central African Republic. Bands of men have fired rifles and rockets in and out of government buildings, declaring their right to rule. Westerners have rushed to pack suitcases and flee...<<read more...>>

The Washington Times
26 June, 1997

Africa Analyst Sees Growing Gap Between Continent's Rulers and its Ruled
by Toni Marshal

Christopher Fomunyoh is regional director for West Africa at the National Democratic Institute. He discussed the fighting and electoral problems in the Congo with reporter Toni Marshall... <<read more>>

The New York Times
January 11, 1997
ACCRA, Ghana

Despite Setbacks, Democracy Gains in Africa
by Howard W. French

In 1990 President Francois Mitterrand of France spoke enthusiastically of a "wind blowing from Europe that has begun to sweep Africa." The speech was widely credited with speeding up moves toward democracy afoot in many countries in the continent. <<read more>>

13 November1996

Women Playing Increasingly Larger Share in Election: Their participation often makes difference
by Charles W. Corey, USIA Staff Writer

Washington -- Women in the United States and Africa share many similarities when it comes to election issues and are rapidly becoming increasingly influential in deciding political races worldwide.
Anita Perez-Ferguson, president of the National Women's Political Caucus and Christopher Fomunyoh, regional director for West Africa at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), stressed that theme in a November 7 "Africa Journal" program, broadcast by the U.S. Information Agency. <<read more...>>

The New York Times
March 2, 1996

African Anomaly: An Election Up for Grabs
by Howard W. French

Wherever President Nicephore D. Soglo has gone the last few days, whether pressing the flesh in roadside campaign stops or dancing briefly during a festival in the coastal city of Ouidah, he has been eagerly greeted by supporters with cries of "five more years."<<read more>>