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December 12, 2008
AFP Global Edition
"Election run-off keeps Ghana on democratic track: analysts"
Article by Susan Njanji Read
December 11, 2008
AFP Global Edition
"Ghana set for presidential run-off" Read
December 8, 2008
AFP Global Edition
"Ghanaians vote for new president" Read
October 21, 2008
Democracy Digest
"Zimbabwe: talks stalemate, violence continues " Read
October 8, 2008
Pan African Visions
African Dialogue has Professor Chris Fomunyoh as PAV November guest Read
Octobre de 2008
Barack Obama privera les autocrats africains de faux arguments
Lire la suite
Octobre de 2008
"Barack Obama privera les autocrates africains de faux arguments"
Dr Chris Fomunyoh du National democratic institute (NDI). Interview.
Lire la suite (Le format de PDF, Exige l'Adobe Lecteur d'Acrobate libre)
September 4, 2008
FrontLine World
"Wanted: African-born Republicans. Many share Republican conservative values but not stance on immigration" By Edwin Okong'o
August - September,
The Africa Report
US Elections A new voice for Africans everywhere Read (pdf)
Le 31 Août, 2008
Christopher Fomunyoh: "L'Afrique doit tirer bénéfice au cas où Barack Obama devenait président" Lire la suite
July 13, 2008
FCA East Africa
"Democracy is losing ground in Africa" Article by Edmund Sanders,
LA Times Read
June, 2008
Abuja, Nigeria
Government and Opposition Workshop -Roles, Rights and Responsibilities-
April 29, 2008
American Today
Experts discuss the past and future of U.S. - Africa relations
Article by Mike Unger Read
April 2, 2008
ICIcemac, Cameroon
Dr Chris Fomunyoh "The next four years would be crucial for Cameroon" by Mokun Njouny Nelson Read
March 27, 2008
"Africa: Democracy Threatened - The Legitimacy of Elections" by Linda Thomas-Greenfield Read
Le 24 Mars, 2008
Quotidien Mutations
Yaoundé - Cameroun
Christopher Fomunyoh :"Le Cameroun d'aujourd'hui nous interpelle tous." Lire la suite
March 18, 2008
Success Story Magazine
Success Story No. 005 - January 2008
"Dr Chris Fomunyoh. A Cameroonian-born Apostle of Democracy." Read
February 16, 2008
"A Special Look at Sierra Leone; Egypt Wins Africa Cup" INSIDE AFRICA Program Transcript Read
January 27, 2008
The Peninsula
"Ghana gears up for second round of presidential election "
Source ::: AFP Read
January 3, 2008
WHYY's Radio Times
"The situation in Kenya" Discussion with Dr Chris Fomunyoh. WHYY's Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. Read  |  Listen [mp3]