Cameroon opposition leader says President Biya is spiteful of the Anglophones
October 16, 2014

During the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, CPA conference in Yaounde Cameroon, President Paul Biya addressed the opening in the French language to the shock of most of the 200 parliamentarians who could hardly understand anything. To make matters more embarrassing was the fact that there were no translating ear pieces. Criticisms abound on this Mr. Biya’s option. Below is that from the country's main opposition leader, Ni John Fru Ndi.

"Even though I do not speak French, I think if I were in Biya's place, I could have even greeted the delegation in English before switching in to French so that they will sympathize with me that I am willing but the ability to continue is not there. Just for the respect of Queen Elizabeth II, he would have even made two statements in English such as good morning or good afternoon. I mean something to come closer to the people but he decided to distant himself from them by speaking in French.

But the fact that he made the entire speech in French in a Commonwealth gathering like this raises a lot of eyebrows. He has clearly shown to the world how he treats Anglophones in Cameroon. If he had even apologize after making the speech in French, then that could had been fair. That just confirms the reality we live here in Cameroon. For instance, it is mere paper work that all important documents are to be published in both English and French but when Mr. Biya signed a decree in French; it is hardly or even never translated into English. I think that after this, the Commonwealth has to take its position whether Cameroon is a commonwealth - Francophonie country or a Commonwealth Anglophone country".