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African statesmen speak their minds
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June 16, 2005


Elizabeth Blunt with former Presidents Rawlings and Sawyer (front left and right) and Chris Fomunyoh of the National Democratic Institute.
As the G8 leaders prepare for their summit in Scotland, we have been tapping into some of Africa's collective wisdom.

Elizabeth Blunt has been meeting five of the continent's elder statesmen to find out what their message would be to the leaders of the eight richest and most powerful nations.

She talks to Jerry Rawlings about how he turned Ghana's economy around, and to Sadiq al-Mahdi about how Sudan borrowed five billion dollars and ended up owing twenty five billion.

We hear from Amos Sawyer on how to rebuild a failed state, from Sam Nujoma on how roads and railways help countries trade their way out of poverty, and from Nicephore Soglo on how the success of the Asian Tigers all goes back to the Vietnam War.

Five former African leaders talk to Elizabeth Blunt — all this week on the World Today.

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Jerry Rawlings — former president of Ghana (1 Kb)
Sadiq al-Mahdi — former prime minister of Sudan (1 Kb)
Amos Sawyer — former president of Liberia (1 Kb)
Sam Nujoma — Namibia (1 Kb)
Nicephore Soglo — Benin (1 Kb)


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