Diaspora in North America and Europe connect to leading Cameroon radio station by phone at no charge

AudioNow: Alexandra Moe,
Director of Partnerships
Foundation Radio: Nelson Mokun,
Station Manager
(Tel: 237-7757-8879)
September 19, 2013

AudioNow Amplifies Reach of Foundation Radio FM

WASHINGTON, D.C. & BAMENDA, Cameroon: SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 – Cameroonians in North America and Europe can now listen to Foundation Radio FM, one of Cameroon's leading radio source for news and information, on any phone through AudioNow, the world’s largest call-to-listen platforms.

The broadcasts from Cameroon can be heard by simply dialing the following numbers on any mobile phone:

  • United States and Canada: (1) 712 432 8492
  • United Kingdom: (44) 203 519 7158
  • Belgium: (32) 2893 7479
  • France: (33)180 142 595
  • Germany: (49) 230 218 590 0206

The call incurs no extra charge when dialed from a mobile phone. Listeners in North America and Europe dialing local numbers in their countries of residence will hear a menu of options allowing them to access Foundation Radio's live programming or to select past recordings of popular programs ondemand.

Led by nearly a dozen top journalists, Foundation Radio FM features daily news updates in English and French, and programs such as, "Who is Who in Business and Profession," "Marriage Talking Point," and "Youth Drive." Additionally, "News Extra" focuses on gender equality, human rights and democracy, and societal and governmental issues. A rotating roster of prominent community leaders, government officials and visiting international experts offer daily interviews and news analyses about life in Cameroon.

"The opportunity for hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon living in North America and Europe to listen to the same programming as their loved ones back home is invaluable and greatly expands the reach and impact of Foundation Radio in this age of globalization," said Founder Christopher Fomunyoh, who established Foundation Radio in 2007 as an extension of The Fomunyoh Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports charitable causes, democracy and human rights in Cameroon.

"AudioNow works with radio stations around the world to deliver local news, sports, religious and entertainment broadcasts direct from home to geographically displaced listeners," said Elan Blutinger, Managing Director at AudioNow. "We are honored to work with The Fomunyoh Foundation and amplify the reach of Foundation Radio FM."

For additional information on AudioNow, contact Alexandra Moe at alexandra.moe@audionow.com, or (1) 202 621 2284.

For additional information on Foundation Radio, contact: Nelson Mokun njounelson@yahoo.com. Tel (237) 7757 8879

For additional information on the Fomunyoh Foundation contact: Ms. Winnie Weregwe, Winnie_tffcam@yahoo.com Tel: (237) 7487 3232

ABOUT AudioNow
AudioNow is the leading call-to-listen platform in the world. With broadcast partners on every continent, AudioNow amplifies the reach of radio by connecting mobile listeners to their favorite radio stations through a simple telephone call. The AudioNow platform uses proprietary "HD" voice design and patent-pending technology that serves all mobile platforms. Our broadcast partners include industry leaders such as the BBC, RFI, Voice of America, Entravision, C-SPAN and Motor Racing Network. In 2012 AudioNow delivered 2 billion listening minutes to its partners and connected more than 1 million users. Visit www.audionow.com to learn more and register as a broadcaster.

ABOUT The Fomunyoh Foundation
The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh and a dedicated group of Cameroonians and advocates in the international democracy community. Partnering with philanthropists and democratic and human rights constituencies within Cameroon, and internationally, the Foundation strives to improve the well-being of Cameroonians, and strengthen institutions and human rights in the country. The Fomunyoh Foundation is a Section 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization under the laws of the United States, with a main office in Bamenda, North West Cameroon. Visit www.tffcam.org to learn more about the Foundation and its activities.