Shirley Robinson Hall has built a distinguished public service record over the past 25 years. Most recently, she served as United States Public Delegate to the United Nations 52nd General Assembly. Appointed by President Clinton in 1997, Ms. Hall worked with the Economic and Social Council.

Mrs. Hall served on the Board of Directors of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. In that capacity, she served as an official observer for the 1996 presidential and legislative elections in Ghana; and in 1995, as a panelist for a Women's Political Empowerment Seminar in Kenya. She served as an official observer for the 1999 presidential election in Nigeria, a delegation chaired by former United States President Jimmy Carter and retired General Colin Powell.

Mrs. Hall also served in the Administration of President Jimmy Carter as Deputy Director for Recruitment of the Bureau of the Census, and on the administrative staffs of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) and James Scheuer (D-NY), the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee and the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India. She was a Representative of the State of Michigan on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for 16 years.

Mrs. Hall received a BA in Mass Communications and Journalism from Wayne State University and attended the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business Director's Institute. She resides in Washington, DC with her husband, Elliott, and daughter.