Supporting Democracy and Human Rights in the Republic of Cameroon
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Mission Statement

The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh and a dedicated group of Cameroonians and international democracy advocates. We support charitable causes and assist individuals and movements working for democracy and human rights in the Republic of Cameroon. More

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News Extra

Cameroon losing fight against corruption

Cameroonians have lost faith in governments to combat endemic corrupt practices, with feelings that it will take a total overhaul of the regime to win this war.

Date: April, 2014

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Foundation Radio

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Foundation Radio (FR) is the first institutional organ of TFF to go operational within the head office complex in Ngomagham, Bamenda.


Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh

April 17, 2014
Buea decays after reunification festivities.
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CCC Plc to be full-fledged bank

April 17, 2014
Ma Esther Asob Fomunyoh laid to rest.

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April , 2014
Cry for Help rather than die in silence. There are many people out there who are facing one difficulty or the other.

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Trip to villages in Cameroon in 2011

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Cameroon in Photos

Cameroon in Photos Cameroon in Photos Cameroon in Photos Cameroon in Photos Cameroon in Photos Cameroon in Photos

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Recent Videos

Straight Talk With Jessie Bawak

March 23, 2012
Guest: Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, the Senior Associate for Africa and Regional Director at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

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