Dr. Mathias Mbah is Dean of the Business School and Professor of Management Information Systems at Bowie State University in Maryland (USA). Dr. Mbah also oversees the University's extension program in collaboration with academic institutions in Britain, Germany, Greece and Brazil, and has organized and conducted professional development training programs for students and mid career officials in Brazil and Egypt. Prior to becoming Dean, Dr. Mbah served as Bowie State University's Director of the Graduate Program in Management Information Systems. He has authored numerous research articles and publications on information technology and economics.

Dr. Mbah is a member of the University System of Maryland's Business Education Council and was instrumental in the Maryland Commission of Minority Transportation Organizations' membership drive, serving as coordinator of new initiatives and keynote speaker.

In 1994, on the basis of a national selection within Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Dr. Mbah was named faculty fellow and worked on the Coastal Area Grouping research project that developed a working computational model to improve the estimate of median housing cost for the United States Department of Defense.

Dr. Mbah is an active member of the Cameroonian community in the United States and in 1997 led a successful fund raising effort to build a surgical room at Batibo hospital in North West Cameroon.

Dr. Mbah received a B.S. in Management, M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Management Information Systems from Watson School of Technology at the State University of New York, Binghamton. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from Howard University, Washington, DC. Dr. Mbah and his wife, Delores, are the parents of one daughter and two sons.