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Board of Directors

Christopher Fomunyoh, Ph.D., National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Washington, DC

A native of Cameroon, Dr. Fomunyoh has been deeply involved in the development and strengthening of democracies in Africa since 1989. He is currently the Regional Director for East, Central and West Africa at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) in Washington, DC. read more >>
Simon Ekiko, Department of Social Services, State of Maryland

Simon N. Ekiko played an active role in the labor and democracy movements in Cameroon, serving as Secretary General of the Industrial, Clerical, Bank Workers Union (1970-73), as well as participating in various Trade Union, Leadership Development and Workers' Education seminars across Africa. read more >>
Frank Evans, Evans Construction, Boston, Massachusetts

Frank Evans is President of the Frank Evans Company, a residential construction company that he founded in 1980 operating in eastern Massachusetts.
Cyprian Fisiy, Ph.D., The World Bank, Washington, DC

Cyprian F. Fisiy is a Principal Social Scientist and Social Development Team Leader in the Africa Region of The World Bank in Washington, DC (USA). At The World Bank, Dr. Fisiy has previously served as World Bank co-coordinator for Involuntary Resettlement (1997) and Resettlement Specialist for Africa (1994). read more >>
Tim Fomunyoh, Lyondel Chemical, Houston, Texas

Tim Fomunyoh was until recently a support chemist with Lyondel Chemical in Houston, Texas. Prior to joining Lyondel Chemical, Tim was a methods development and validation chemist for Aronex Pharmaceuticals (1996-1998) and a chemical analyst with Akzo Nobel (1991 to 1993).
Moses Kem Fongang, Guiness Cameroon, S.A., Douala (Cameroon)

Moses Kem Fongang is a Sales Development Manager at Guinness Cameroun S.A., where he supervises and coordinates the activities of area sales managers in seven regions in Cameroon, as well as manages export sales to UDEAC countries. read more >>
The Hon. Shirley Robinson Hall, Former United States Delegate to the United Nations, Washington, DC

Shirley Robinson served as United States Public Delegate to the United Nations 52nd General Assembly. Appointed by President Clinton in 1997, Ms. Hall worked with the Economic and Social Council. read more >>
Mathias Mbah, Ph.D., Bowie State University, Maryland

Dr. Mathias Mbah is Dean of the Business School and Professor of Management Information Systems at Bowie State University in Maryland (USA). Dr. Mbah also oversees the University's extension program in collaboration with academic institutions in Britain, Germany, Greece and Brazil, and has organized and conducted professional development training programs for students and mid career officials in Brazil and Egypt.
The Hon. Pat Medley, Knox County Commission, Knoxville, Tennessee

Patricia Campen Medley has served as an elected Knox County (Tennessee - USA) Commissioner for District 3 since 1992 and currently serves on several District committees. read more>>
Professor Marie-Eve Scheibling, University of Grenoble (France)

Marie-Eve Scheibling resides in Grenoble, France where she is a professor at the French University of Grenoble and Resident Director of Boston University's Study Abroad program. Previously, she resided in Boston,Massachusetts where she served as Boston University's Coordinator of French language programs (1985 to 1989) and Lecturer of French language and Civilization (1983 to 1993).
Jeri Thomson, United States Senate, Washington, DC

Ms. Thomson was sworn in as the 30th Secretary of the United States Senate on July 12, 2001.
The Secretary of the Senate is the Senate's chief legislative, financial, and administrative officer. For more than two centuries, the Secretary has exercised responsibility for maintaining and disbursing Senate appropriated funds and payrolls; administering members' credentials; keeping records of proceedings; managing the flow of Senate legislation from its introduction to enactment; printing Senate bills, reports, and documents; and managing a support staff that has grown from six in 1789 to nearly 250 today. read more >>