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Mission Statement

The Fomunyoh Foundation's mission is to undertake charitable causes that can improve the quality of life of the Cameroonian people, and to assist and support people and organizations dedicated to the promotion of democracy and human rights in the Republic of Cameroon.


The Fomunyoh Foundation reachs out to Cameroonians currently residing in the United States to support and participate in its programs. Many of the Cameroonian Diaspora are democracy proponents who are frustrated and disenfranchised by political developments in Cameroon, and are looking for opportunities to enhance the standard of living of Cameroonians in the country, and for viable means to bring about peaceful and meaningful political change in the country.


  • Publishes a newsletter to promote civil and informed discourse among Cameroonians and Friends of Cameroon and to generate ideas and recommendations for peace and democratization in Cameroon.

  • Creates an inventory list of basic needs that could improve the lives of citizens living in the rural areas, villages and towns of Cameroon.

  • Seeks partnerships with democracy-building and human rights organizations both in Cameroon and around the world that share the Foundation's goals.

  • Initiates a legal defense fund to provide financial and/or legal assistance to individuals, such as journalists, who are arrested or jailed for their views and opinions in defense of democratic governance and respect for human rights. TFF assists groups in Cameroon that could have a profound effect on the well being of impoverished and/or needy citizens, and on democracy and human rights in the country at both the national and grassroots levels.

TFF focuses on activities such as:

  • Civic education and grassroots community programs directed at women and young people in Cameroon.

  • Developing local partnerships with traditional rulers, women, youth and the population at large so as to raise their awareness.

  • Provide small grants to start-up nongovernmental and civic groups that are conducting programs in priority areas identified by the Foundation.

  • Provide financial and/or in-kind assistance to needy segments of the Cameroonian population as recommended by the Foundation's Board of Directors.