Jeri Thomson, husband David James and daughters Kristin and Kaitlin

Ms. Thomson was sworn in as the 30th Secretary of the United States Senate on July 12, 2001.

The Secretary of the Senate is the Senate's chief legislative, financial, and administrative officer. For more than two centuries, the Secretary has exercised responsibility for maintaining and disbursing Senate appropriated funds and payrolls; administering members' credentials; keeping records of proceedings; managing the flow of Senate legislation from its introduction to enactment; printing Senate bills, reports, and documents; and managing a support staff that has grown from six in 1789 to nearly 250 today.

Prior to assuming the position of Secretary of the Senate, Ms. Thomson was a senior member of the United States Senate's professional staff with more than 25 years experience working on legislative and national politics.

She served as the Executive Assistant / Democratic Representative in the Office of the U.S. Senate's Sergeant at Arms where she was responsible for managing all institutional issues for the Democratic Party's Senate Leader and Democratic Senators, as well as planning and implementing issues conferences and other events for the Democratic Caucus in the Senate on behalf of the Democratic Leader, and managing all aspects of participation by Democratic Senators in the national party conventions.

Ms. Thomson was the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Senate from 1989 to 1995, and served as the chief operating officer for the Secretary of the Senate, managing 12 departments with approximately 250 staff. Her responsibilities included budgeting, policy and program development and implementation, human resources management and administrative reform and modernization. Prior to serving as Assistant Secretary, Ms. Thomson was a senior staff member to Senator John V. Tunney (D-CA), Special Assistant to the Sergeant at Arms and Deputy Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Ms. Thomson received a B.A. from the University of Washington.

She was a Kodak Fellow at Harvard University's program for Senior Managers in Government. In 1993, Ms Thomson was selected as one of the 100 top data processors in government, industry and academia for her work in automating legislative processes and procedures in the United States Senate.

Ms. Thomson has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Latin America and Europe. She resides in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband David James and two daughters.

Jeri and husband David vacationing in Southern Africa