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November 13, 2016

Colonel Hans Anagho : “I would have been a General if I was not an Anglophone from Bamenda”

He served in the Nigerian and helped foiled coup d'états. He returned to Cameroon and was very instrumental in crushing the April 6th 1984 coup d’état during which some disgruntled army officers attempted to overthrow President Paul Biya. However in spite of all these services, the Retired Colonel deeply feels he did not receive commensurate compensation because: "I was in Nigeria, I did things I was not promoted, they were promoting by tribes I had no tribe, I came to Cameroon, since I am an Anglophone from Bamenda, what I did on the 6th of April 1984 in other countries they will have given me the rank of General, because I single handedly handled this issue of 6th April 1984."

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