These old men who rule Cameroon!
January 18, 2016

Cameroon's political class may have been blessed with the gift of age. Start from the President of the Republic, through most of his ministers, to the Generals of the Army, director of public corporations and state institutions and to our opposition political leaders; 70, 75, 80 years and above, their average age and then you see that they have lived to count their blessings. Especially in a country where life expectancy is just about 52! But when you come you come to think of it, that, these septuagenarians and octogenarians hold tight to their jobs, far above their retirement ages, while their children roam the streets in search of daily bread?

That we see these old men dose off during important public ceremonies, as if reflecting over their deeds and misdeeds; then there is need for a second thought.

Cameroon is not a natural gerontocracy. Its first President Ahmadou Ahidjo became President at 36, Paul Biya was 34 when he was appointed director of the civil cabinet at the presidency of the Republic in 1967, and General Pierre Semenegue was 25 when as a young Captain he headed the Cameroon Armed Forces in 1960! Why are they still there today?

You see, political theorists teach that the non-renewal of leadership always lead to "Political sclerosis, economic stagnation and insecurity."

Now, take a minute and examine the leadership of Cameroon; government and opposition alike and draw your conclusions.

We of News Extra strongly hold strong to this prescription by a prominent international figure who happens to be a Cameroonian; "It is extremely important to frequently renew political leadership in every country so new leaders can bring in a fresh perspective to global trends and developments and help move the countries in ways that may differ from previously long held typical and traditional approaches."

NEMESIS may just be their way if the present political class fails to yield to such choice rationale.