Another recognition for Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh
May 30, 2016

Dr. Fomunyoh's humanitarian activities in Cameroon, his opinions and actions on national and international issues covering over two decades is getting increasingly recognized by many as he continues to receive accolades of credits and acknowledgement, the latest being the "True leader & Goodwill Ambassador" award conferred on him by the Watchdog Tribune National Press Awards of Excellence. The event took place at the Bamenda Blue Pearl Hotel on Saturday May 28, 2016.

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, currently on a work-related trip to Libreville, Gabon, ahead of that country's presidential election scheduled for August, was represented at the Award ceremony by a delegation headed by the resident representation of The Fomunyoh Foundation (, Mokun Njouny Nelson.

In his remarks, Mokun stated that "Dr. Fomunyoh is very sensitive to the anglophone marginalization issue but firmly believes that Cameroonians are becoming more and more fair-minded and forward looking, and increasingly view the country's cultural and linguistic diversity as assets that could, under the right leadership, project Cameroon onto the world stage. Dr. Fomunyoh will therefore continue to work with other Cameroonians across linguistic and party lines, within civil society, in youth and women organizations, and various grassroots networks, to make sure that our beloved Cameroon succeeds in becoming the democratic society that it deserves to be."

Dr. Fomunyoh recently received "The Guardian Post 2015 Man of the Year" award in Buea, and his foundation, The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) won the "Life Time Achievement Award" as Philanthropist of the Year in Bamenda a few weeks ago.