Fomunyoh Foundation challenge Cameroonian Youths to work for the Future
August 23, 2016

Dr Christopher Fomunyoh

"The role of young people in the future of this country, both politically and economically shall be very determining in the years to come. The importance of learning in contributing to progress, particularly during times of change is therefore, the one best approach that is needed more than ever before."

These were the words of Mokun Njouny Nelson the Country representative of the Fomunyoh Foundation on behalf of the Dr Christopher Fomunyoh, President of the Fomunyoh Foundation during the opening of the 2016 Millennial Empowerment conference August 22, 2016 in Bamenda.

Holding under the theme; turning challenges into opportunities, Mokun used his opening remarks to highlight some of the challenges facing today's youth.

"The challenge of creating enough jobs and opportunities for the large youth population of this country entering the labour market is one of the major challenges. But there are others too, including; access to affordable Education and health facilities.

But since the world is now a global village, challenges now go across borders. One can site; inequalities, which are growing in the majority of the world's countries, with few exceptions, and the fact that hundreds of millions of people are still living in extreme poverty; protracted conflicts, which are badly destabilizing countries from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa and from the Maghreb to Iraq and Afghanistan. Radical insurgents from Boko Haram to Al Shabaab on the African continent and Al Qaeda and IS in the Middle East, are making life unbearable for those on whom they prey.

War and conflict bear a huge responsibility for generating the displacement of almost sixty million people from their homes in our world today. The devastating impact of natural disasters where disaster risk reduction either hasn't been undertaken or hasn't been adequate; and global environmental challenges, including the costs of climate change, are also mounting. The impact of climate change threatens all countries, but especially the poorest and the most vulnerable.

All these challenges call for bold approaches to building a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. The alternative is a world characterized by even more turmoil and instability than the one we know today. No one can feel comfortable in such a world: the problems of one country or region - economic, social, or political - do spill over into others.
When we look at the natural and human potentials with which our country is endowed with, when we look at the potentials of the Cameroonian youth, when we look at how Cameroonians youth succeed in their endeavours when they go out of this country, one wonders why they can't make here."

Using the example of the President of the Fomunyoh Foundation Dr Christopher as one who has come from a very humble beginning to be at the top in many aspects including "humanitarian issues, conflict mediation, public health and other key sectors of political economic and human development," for Africa, the resident representative encouraged the young people not to be discouraged by their background or beginnings.

"From humble beginnings, and in spite of the challenges and without any undue influence look at where he now finds himself. Fomunyoh has organized and advised international election observation missions, designed and supervised country specific democracy support programs in partnership with civic organizations, political parties and legislative bodies across Africa. In the course of his work, Fomunyoh interacts regularly with heads of state and government, cabinet ministers, elected officials, political and civic leaders. He recently designed and helped launch the African Statesmen Initiative a program aimed at facilitating political transitions in Africa by encouraging former democratic Heads of State to stay engaged in humanitarian issues, conflict mediation, public health and other key sectors of political economic and human development on the continent."

While edging the young people to turn all challenges to opportunities mindful of their growing energy, innovation, and optimism, The Fomunyoh Foundation resident representative noted that there will be a strong feeling of alienation, frustration and marginalization in future if the youths can't adapt to the challenges they are facing now.

Explaining the absence of Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, Mokun Njouny announced that he traveled to Gabon where he is overseeing that country's presidential elections.

The Millennial Empowerment conference is organized by the Chief Executive Officer of the Marie-Claire Kuja Foundation, Marie-Claire Kuja who believes that many young women or girls need to be assisted to intellectually from life experiences "university of life" to achieve their dreams.

The three days conference is featuring presentations from big minds like Dr Nicolas Ngwayam, Director of Saint Louis, Melissa Banigan Editor Advice Global Project, Rev Pastor Patrick Foncham, Sakah Bernard CEO Bonet and Arrey Achi.

The Synod Clark of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC the Rev Babila Foncham who lead prayers at the opening ceremony encouraged the young people to give God the front seat position in their lives and other challenges will be a thing of the past.