December 21, 2015

What is happening with icons of Anglophone heritage? While Anglophones of the former West Cameroon apparently intensified the fight against their marginalization or so, from their French speaking brothers of the former La Republique of East Cameroon in 2015, happenings even within Anglophone circles may rather suggest that Anglophones are the greatest enemies of Anglophones.

During elections into the Bar Council, the Common Law lawyers were unable to speak in unison. They lost in a greater part and had to only leak their wounds.

Why would Anglophone journalists, who that can be counted with the fingers, have a plethora of associations claiming to be defending the same interests?

Why this multitude of Anglophone Teacher Trade Unions? All for the interest of the Anglo-Saxon styled education system...One begins to wonder!

Observant Cameroonians will agree that Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya does not act with alacrity, when he is not confronted.

Are the other Regions of the country grabbing more posts and development allocations by accident? They have demonstrated that they have leaders and lobbies to promote and achieve the interest of their people.

Who speaks or lobbies for Anglophones?

When former ministers from the three Northern Regions published a stinking memorandum of their plights in October 2002, the regime panicked. In a hasty reaction President Paul Biya appointed two of them ministers. He also ordered that 3.000 students exclusively from these Regions be admitted into the Higher Teacher Training College ENS Maroua. Can this also be possible with Anglophones? Yes it can!

But how can this be, when a people apparently intelligent have unfortunately accepted to be reduced to a position that is not even second or first, which they rightly deserve?

A situation compounded by the fact that the government would not listen to the radical SCNC, at a time when South West Chiefs, North West Fons and elites from both Regions are more concerned with parochial personal or Regional interests and monotonous motions of support, even on issues that were detrimental to their people. Who can mobilize Anglophones to have a lobby? There are men and women of repute who can be lobbyist, If only they put away egoistic interests.