What is the real story of Cameroon's Reunification?
December 1, 2015

Historians and politicians alike have been attempting answers. Historians Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh does so in his publication "The untold story of Cameroon Reunification"

Prof V.G Fanso has his own part of the story and has constantly challenged the narration of his colleague Prof. Julius Ngoh. Professor Anthony Ndi has also written extensively on the Reunification question and now the latest narrations and revelations has come from Senator Nfon Victor Mukete in a book titled: "My Odyssey: Story of Cameroon Reunification" The book was dedicated at the Bamenda Congress Hall on Friday November 27, 2015.

It has 579 pages and 17 chapters so I cannot pretend to exhaust its content here. History is always the loser when people like Nfon Victor E. Mukete leave the stage without personal records of how they fared. At the age of 97 his publication may be timely. He lived both the pre and post Reunification periods and so may provide some essential insights and truths for posterity. And as usual hisown part of the story would never be taken as gospel. This was evident during the dedication ceremony as the likes of Barrister Akemende Henry, Barrister Bobga Harmony and above all Hon. P.C Fonso visibly challenged some of the facts in the publication.

Whatever the case, the Reunication discourse would continue to generate controversy, generally hinging on the faithfulness and commitment of both Anglophone and Francophone Cameroonians for its realization.

In this melee; what is the way forward? Nfon Mukete attempts an answer in his preface "I must say that what the leaders of this beautiful God-given and blessed country should do is to reflect deeply on what is needed to remove mutual suspicions". Although Senator Nfon V.E Mukete's book seems concerned with his exploits during the pre and immediate-post-reunification periods, his expression of the neglect of the English Language, the rampant corruption and embezzlement of public funds and the absence of true decentralization are clear indication that he is not totally with the state of present day Cameroon-his "second World".

  • Why is corruption so endemic in Cameroon?
  • Violence against women, who are the greatest perpetrators.