How Dr. Chris Fomunyoh thrilled Bertoua in a 2 in 1 event
November 16, 2015

The Launching of Mokun Njouny Nelson's "The Cameroon of Tomorrow" and a donation of books by The Fomunyoh Foundation to the Bertoua Linguistic Centre.

The launching that took place at the Linguistic Centre, Bertoua in the East Region of Cameroon, on Monday September 2nd recorded a massive presence of the administration was well as members of the civil society. The book launch, which took place at the Linguistic Centre premises, was described by many as the highest crowd puller in the city.

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh also donated books to the Linguistic Centre, Bertoua on the behalf of The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) where he is President.

The Book titled Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh: The Cameroon of Tomorrow: The Man in his Words is written in simplified English and as the author puts it: "...can inspire many Cameroonians to tap and build a brighter future for Cameroon."