Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh: "Village is natural, it is beautiful..."
September 2, 2015

From his far away Washington DC where he works, the President of the Bamenda-based The Fomunyoh Foundation, TFF, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh was visiting Monabo - Monatele in the Lekie Division of the Center Region of Cameroon.

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh was received into Monatele by the Senior Divisional Officer for the Lekie, Kamsu Patrick Simo and that held audience with the Mayor of Monatele, former Minister Tsala Messi and the Assistant Divisional of Monatele. All the officials were visibly surprised and elated by the unannounced visit of such a personality to their jurisdiction. After the exchange of civilities the TFF president explained to them the objectives of his Foundation and handed copies of the book “The Cameroon of Tomorrow” that brings out a summary of his thoughts on national and international issues.

At the invitation of CERAD - Cercle de réflexion et Action pour le Dévelopment, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh took time off to visit a number of villages to touch base with local realities. Treated to a real traditional reception in the village of Monabo, he could not avoid recalling his good-old-days village life; he clapped, sang and danced.

Denis Emilien Atangana, leader of CERAD thanked Dr. Fomunyoh for his humility and generosity given that he graciously accepted to sponsor a youth holiday camp and an inter-village football competition in the Lekie Division.

In all his various stops, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh hailed the dynamism of the population of Lekie pledging that henceforth he was part and parcel of all their activities. He said they were now one family while inviting them to also consider visiting his village of origin in Guzang Batibo sub-Division of the North West Region where they shall be treated to a reception reserved to any son or daughter of that village.

Dr. Fomunyoh is also expected to be in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region in the days ahead. Watch out for this.