Bafut Council benefits from TFF Book Charity
December 8, 2014

The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) through one of its components, The Foundation Library, has donated a consignment of books, worth over One Million Frs CFA to the Bafut Rural Council in the North West Region of Cameroon. The event took place in the library of the Bafut Council on Friday December 5, 2015, in the presence of the mayor, Langsi Abel and the Secretary General of that Council, Ngwa Samuel.

The representative of TFF reminded that the gesture was just on line with the people-oriented objective of the Foundation.

The all elated mayor of the Council, Langsi Abel was surprised at the gesture, given that the books were donated for free and the that his Council made no application to TFF. He promised to henceforth work in close collaboration with all the units of the Foundation, especially the Foundation Radio.

It should be recalled that, The Fomunyoh Foundation Book Charity Caravan has so far given out books to schools in the North West, West and Centre Regions of Cameroon. The Bafut Council is the first local authority to benefit from this largesse.