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Dr. Fomunyoh says ready to use expertise to push for change

Bemoans country's stagnation, says Cameroonians deserve better

Accomplished US-based Cameroonian good governance expert, Dr Christopher Fomunyoh, has declared his readiness to put his over two decades expertise at the disposal of fellow compatriots, to push for change in leadership in the country. Dr Fomunyoh expressed his willingness to fully support the change process back home, in a recent interview with Intelligences Magazine, a purely Pan-African biannual print publication. Speaking to Intelligences Magazine, a few days after observing the recent presidential election in Senegal, the revered democratization expert and Senior Associate and Regional Director for West and Central Africa at the National Democratic Institute, NDI, began by regretting the political and social degradation of Cameroon, under the Biya regime Dr Fomunyoh was categorical that a vivid comparison of the Cameroon of yesteryears and what obtains today, leaves citizens crying. "...those who knew Cameroon then, now have tears in their eyes seeing what the country has now become," Dr Fomunyoh stated. He was blunt that it is because of such degrading political and social environment in the country,which have further been compounded by worsening crises plaguing many Regions, that many citi- zens are calling on him to return home and put his international expertise to rescue the country from the fangs of the Biya regime.

Increasing calls to return home

" ...when these countrymen see the accomplishments I have on the international scene, on the continent and in other African countries, they say I could be more useful in my own country and that it is, maybe time for me to think of returning back home; to work beside them so that together, we can change our country and for Cameroon to become again a respected country on the continent, " Dr Fomunyoh said.

The good governance expert said many Cameroonians are regretting the ongoing armed conflict in the two English-speaking Regions of the country. He lamented that "Cameroonians are fighting among themselves and killing each other for a purely political situation, which could have been resolved politically".

He also mentioned the repeated violent extremist attacks in the Northen Regions of the country, the growing number of refugees from neighbouring Central African Republic in the East Region, which he said, "constitute a threat to the population".

Ageing people in power

Dr Fomunyoh said among the long list of concerns of Cameroonians is also the ageing nature of most top state personalities like the Head of State (91), President of the Senate (90) and the Speaker of the National Assembly (88). "For a young country, this is not normal. When these countrymen see the accomplishments I have on the international scene, on the continent in other African countries, they are saying that I could be more useful in my own country," he stated.

Pledges to support change process

Quizzed if he will run for the upcoming presidential election in the country, Dr Fomunyoh instead expressed readiness to support and accompany those fronting change in the country. "Working beside them will be to accompany/support with the expertise I have in good governance and democracy," he said. Through such a move, Dr Fomunyoh said, he will use his "experience to develop and work with other countrymen to create a prosperous environment for everyone, whether at the local or national level". "I think there is that desire. I feel it from the words of encouragement I receive from fellow countrymen from time to time or very often, that effectively; there exists a level of interest from Cameroonians of goodwill not only me, to reflect on how they can bring a positive contribution so that the country grows in the right direction," he stated.

Expresses wish to see country back on right path

Dr Fomunyoh, who has organised and supervised international election observation missions in many countries, expressed the wish to see Cameroon move from its current stagnant state back to its feet and once more become a leading nation. "We were among the first countries on the African continent to have an airline company and a shipping company; it was a country that was developing. We had several international banks, but today, we must agree that Cameroon is on the same spot," he said. "The country is on the ground and we do not deserve this. Cameroonians deserve better. I keep hoping that the best days are ahead of us. Together, we can work for Cameroon to become one of the most developed, best governed and a truly democratic country; so that we can all be proud of our country, " he stated.

While calling for concerted efforts to usher in meaningful change, he encouraged all those working for change in Cameroon not to relent their efforts. Dr Fomunyoh, it should be said, has had over two-and-half-decade impact in advancing the democratic process in at least 30 African countries. He has over the years designed and supervised country-specific democracy support programmes, with civil society organisations, political parties and legislative bodies. Dr Christopher Fomunyoh, it should be said, it often referred to as the leading voice on good governance and democracy in Africa.

By Doh Bertrand Nua
The Guardian Post