The Fomunyoh Foundation, is Philanthropist of The Year
May 24, 2016

The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) has won the Gold Category of the Life Time Achievement Award as Philanthropist of the Year. The recognition came during the 7th anniversary of the Life Time Group of Newspapers in Bamenda on 22 May 2016.

The President of the Foundation, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh was represented by Dr. Willibroad Dze-Ngwa who presented the keynote address.

The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) has its headquarters in Bamenda, Cameroon.

A Speech delivered by Dr. Willibroad Dze-Ngwa on behalf of Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh on the Occasion of the 2015 "Philanthropy Award of the Year" offered by the Life Time Newspaper at the Blue Pearl Hotel- Bamenda — Cameroon, 22nd May, 2016

The Governor of the North West Region
Honourable Senators & MPs
Royal Highnesses,
Fellow Awardees
Dear friends of the Media
Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen

Good afternoon.

On behalf of Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, my delegation and I are glad to be here to receive the 2015 "Philanthropy Award of the Year" offered by the Life Time Newspaper. This award is in recognition for the numerous philanthropic and selfless services for the betterment of the plight of Cameroonians in particular and humanity in general. At this God-chosen moment, the award could only go to Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, this exemplary great man with a great mind and a high degree of independence of thought. Dr. Fomunyoh is very touched by this recognition, and would have wanted to be here in person to receive the award, but last minute professional challenges held him back. That is why he designated me, another son of the soil to receive the award and deliver a message of thanks to you all. You know very well that it is not an easy task to talk on behalf of someone whose status and experiences are far above mine. Since his message to you is too heavy for me alone to carry, I came along with a delegation of 10 (ten) and the message we have brought from the laureate are just two words THANK YOU!!!

We say THANK YOU to the publishers of the Life Time Newspaper for your courage and indefatigable contributions to democracy and good governance championing issues of freedom of the press and development. Thank you for your contributions in raising citizen awareness on the critical issues of the day, and doing so with a lot of courage, determination and foresightedness? Your ability to monitor the activities of Cameroonians as a whole, and dispassionately select the Excellent from the good and the bad is worth praising. You are known as Life Time Newspaper and I can imagine Dr. Fomunyoh got your award because during his Life Time, he is striving at improving the lives of the entire citizenry of our beloved fatherland- Cameroon. Your award may not have any immediate material benefits, but it raises the challenge on all current recipients to strive to be better citizens and continue to make positive and powerful contributions for a better humanity. Your award will also inspire others to reshape their thoughts towards the plight of others. Napoleon Bonaparte had rightly noted that "Men are led by toys."

We say THANK YOU to the readership of Life Time Newspaper for the nomination of Dr. Chris Fomunyoh. You are a very alert, critical, informed and distinguished people who want the best for your country. Yes, you are known for your historic and courageous stance on national issues. By reading this Newspaper in particular and other newspapers in general, and making your opinions known to the public, you are making your voices heard, loud and clear. Thank you very much indeed!

We also say, THANK YOU to the members of jury, who had the difficult task to decide on the laureates. I praise your wisdom in making this distinction. Your choice is my choice and the choice of millions of Cameroonians across Cameroon and beyond. Yours was a herculean task. No one could have done it better.

To all of you, permit me note here that Dr. Chris Fomunyoh has asked me to inform you that he recognizes your strengths and very powerful support. He urged me to inform you that he could never be where he is today without your constant support and encouragement. He remembers vividly where his roots are, and hopes that he can continue to count on you all as he works to touch the lives of people across Africa, including our own country. He hopes that this social contract between you and actions himself move from words to concrete.

There is no doubt Dr. Chris Fomunyoh is an exemplary Philanthropist in his own rights. After sailing around and about the world, impacting other African countries to strengthen their democratic governance, Dr. Fomunyoh thought nothing was as fulfilling as being able to serve his beloved country (Cameroon), his own people and being able give back abundantly to his community. That is why The Fomunyoh Foundation was founded in 1999, to carry out humanitarian and philanthropic actions at the service of the Cameroonian people. This Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to promote democracy, social and humanitarian causes in the country. Since its launch in 1999, the Foundation has:

  • Organized workshops to raise citizen awareness and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and journalists across the country.
  • In the Littoral Region: The TFF has conducted activities in partnership with development associations such as the women of Bonandale, Douala.
  • In the West Region: It has conducted programmes at the traditional Fondom of Foto-Dschang.
  • In the Far North it has donated books to many municipal councils and academic institutions in Maroua and Mayo Oulou,
  • Garoua in the North and Ngoundere in the Adamawa has also benefited from the largesse of Dr. Fomunyoh.
  • The East Region has also benefited from this largesse- three secondary schools, the Bertoua Linguistic Center and the Catholic University of Bertoua, two schools in Abong Mbang have also been beneficiaries.
  • In the Center Region: the Foundation is working closely with four academic institutions in the national's Yaounde, it sponsored Youth activities in Monatele and Monabo in the Likie Division.
  • In the North West Region: the Foundation runs a community radio station in Bamenda, The Foundation Radio, a Public library of over 20,000 books, assisted the Guzang Widows, engaged in other activities in Nkambe; where it has created a resource center for the training of women in ICTs, Bafut, Bamenda 2, Oku-Noni Councils and the Moghamo youths
  • Free access to Foundation facilities and activities
  • Established partnerships on HIV/AIDS and children vaccination campaigns...

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Fomunyoh has urged me to remind you that the Fomunyoh Foundation is yours so you should patronize and nurture it. Take ownership of the Foundation and let it blossom. This award only spurs him further to continue his philanthropy and charitable actions in the country. He hopes to build on what has been accomplished this far. I urge you to join him in this noble duty.

To the staff, friends and family members of the Foundation, Dr. Fomunyoh urges you all to receive this award not just as a recognition for past deeds, but as an encouragement and clarion call for you to do more and in all domains that can improve the well-being of fellow citizens and uplift the human conditions in our dear fatherland.

As we celebrate this very humble and exemplary son of ours, for his leadership, humanitarianism, and philanthropy, he has asked me to call on you all to stand firm in support of our forces of law and order who are busy fighting against the extremist Boko Haram in the Far-Northern region. For their bravery and professionalism Dr. Fomunyoh considers these brothers and sisters in uniform as "the ultimate leaders and philanthropists of our time; because, without any hesitation, they put their lives on the line, and some have paid the ultimate price, so the rest of us can live and enjoy our livelihood". May we now observe a minute of silence for all the victims of Boko Haram, and in honour of our fallen soldiers?"

He dedicates this award to these fallen soldiers and the victims of Boko Haram and plans to extend his hand of fellowship to the unexpected orphans and widows of our fallen soldiers.

Once more, thank you all for the recognition and thanks very much indeed for celebrating excellence. Let this award inspire us to continue identifying good leadership and supporting their works.

Thanks for your kind attention.