A welcome speech presented by Jespa Ajereboh, the Country Coordinator of The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF), on the occasion of the launching of the Foundation's IYHAKAH Health Program.

This April 15 2009

The Governor’s Representative
The Regional Delegate of Public Health
Regional, Institutional & Departmental Heads
The Fons of Guzang, Mankon & Ewoh
Distinguished Guests
Ladies & Gentlemen:

I stand here today at the Foundation’s headquarters, in my capacity as the Country Coordinator of The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF), and on behalf of its Founding President, its Board of Directors, the entire staff, friends and partners, both in-and-out of the country, to welcome you all to the launching of TFF’s IYHAKAH Health Program.

The Fomunyoh Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization founded in1999 by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh with the principal mission, the improvement of the quality of life of the Cameroonian people through the active participation in the domains of healthcare, education and community outreach programs. TFF provides multi dimensional assistance to individuals, associations and organizations dedicated to the same goals.

In the course of the last decade, the Foundation has been able to effectively put in place 2 of the 3 components, one of which is the Foundation Radio.

As far as the community outreach programs are concerned, it is worth mentioning that each year, scholars from John Hopkins University come to TFF to train NGO and Civil Society Organisation leaders, journalists, women’s associations and under-privileged and vulnerable groups like the Bororos, on how to better contribute to the development of their communities. TFF takes seriously its role in the national media landscape as far as participating in information transmission especially on best practices liable to foster socio-economic and cultural development is concerned. This is the raison d’etre of our FM 100 Foundation Radio. There is also the Foundation Library which is due to go operational within the next couple of months, starting with over 25.000 books in all areas of specialisation and for all levels of education from Nursery School to University and Post-doctorate. We would hereby wish to indicate right away that the Foundation’s activities are not and will not be limited to this locality. We feel privileged to lay claim to socio-cultural relations with the Chiefdom of Foto in Dschang in the Western Region and the dynamic Chiefdom and women of Bonandele in Douala, Littoral Region.

We are proud and at the same time humbled by the fact that the healthcare component is coming into being with the launching of IYHAKAH which stands for Improving Your HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Access to Healthcare.

While we would like to give well deserved gratitude to the promoter of these noble ideas in the person of Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, I would not wish to miss the occasion that this event offers to express my heartfelt appreciation to the country team and the many volunteers for the achievements enumerated above, without whose high sense of sacrifice and dedication to serving mankind, of devotion to identified humanitarian courses and tenacity in front of every obstacles inherent with projects of this magnitude we will not be here today. Permit me take a few of your time to present them to you. Some of the key staffers are:

- Mrs. Susan Okwen: Member of the Advisory Board of TFF
- Mr. Chris Forgwe: Adviser and Station Manager
- Gladys Akwanka: Associate Foundation Radio Station Manager
- Winifred Nagwa Weregwe: Administrative & Finance Officer

- Journalists
- Technicians
- Volunteers
- Support Staff
- Night watchmen

Distinquished guests, ladies and gentlemen, actually I have very little to do here today. I’ll stop the talking at this point and let the IYHAKAH Program Coordinator Mrs. Therese Fomundam Acha, a seasoned healthcare practitioner with many years of professional experience take over the floor. Therese holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Masters of philosophy (M.PH.) from South Africa. Therese's post graduate thesis was on "HIV / AIDS Pregnant women in Bamenda" and the co-supervisor of her thesis is currently the Regional Delegate of Health for North West Cameroon. She is therefore very familiar with the fight to curb the spread of HIV/ADIS in Cameroon and other parts of Africa.

Ma Therese, The Fomunyoh Foundation, through my modest voice hereby wishes to sincerely thank you for accepting to coordinate this program, promise you their collaboration for the success of this exacting but exalting mission: that of proposing healthcare to the HIV / AIDS infected and affected persons and raising citizen’s awareness on ways to curb the spread of this disease.