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By Gahlia Njongoh Gwangwa'a
Distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets
Member of the International Poetry Hall of Fame

July 10, 2002; 15:35 p.m. )


Wanton multifarious crises, Africans' plight
To wallow in misery, daring not to fight.
Consciences inflamed, arouse full remorse.
Many create not the system
To one day believe it betrayed them.

The people entomb their usual pains.
Custodians of the system continuously paint
Incompetence: it's unreasonable to now preach feasance.
Nerves succumb: the system irreplaceable, so prevail penance.
Unworkable logic today states guns more performant.

Armament dictates laws sustaining the undesirable system.
Sovereignty confiscated: defend the arrangements
To the last man "Till death do them part." Dare
To insist change is expedient, you're bare.
A death trap's yours. In vogue corruption, cheating, embezzlement

And poor governance. Defenders aboard a rudderless ship doomed to wreckage.
Strong varying waves steer vessel to kiss dangerous rocks.
Their insanity won't permit them to acknowledge.
Those on the safe shore informed: vessel full of foods and drinks of every sort.

It would be wise to partake in the party
Opportunely; soon the ship of state disparity
Marries mud. "No! Thank you" from those on the safe shore is stupidity.
The beach's safe sand caresses; venture to tune a warning loud chorus:
Captain: ahead iceberg in ambush, very amorphous,

Destination shoreward instead
Unpleasant verbiage from the ship poignant; you're castigated.
You supplied clothing to relations including accoutrement
Tax money purchased; they'll be called off their feast for recompense
To with guns face the unarmed demonstrating confluence

Onshore. Captain shouts out order: "Fire!" "Boom!" Several have
Already paid their inescapable debt untimely, through firearms.
Captain reasserts authority and
The stolid people helplessly watch.
Unite force to encumber endogenous opposition gap.

Their biggest (shameful) defeat, fear
Children vaccinated with fear, tears
For mediocrity and political diseases they abhor. They hear
Whispers of no direction: those aboard the ship spear
Frantically to post a banner: "No Democracy! No Transparency! Captain Forever!"

Can't the stubbornness of the inebriated aboard work magic to save "Afrique?"