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By Vanjelis Ngwa

Different, yet one

It�s not the differences in the color of our eyes, hair, skin, or cultures that hinder us, but

the myths in our hearts and minds which we must struggle to break free from.

Then can we see ourselves in our fellow brothers and sisters.

The battle is not won in the skies.

Not on land or in the seas.

Not in the mountains or in the valleys.

But in the heart where we let these �demons� thrive freely.

The same heart is the citadel of the infinite potential to love.

Here we have to win the battle;

Win it there! And unity will thrive like the sun, ready to shine its light upon all people.

Like the rain, ready to wash away the differences that hold us apart.

I see in you a reflection of me; we may look a little different, for such is the beauty of

diversity, but we are one through the same spirit.