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November 23, 2005
Voice of America
Washington, DC
"Liberian President-Elect has Large Challenges, Rich Background" Article by Deborah Block Read
November 14, 2005
Public Broadcasting Service
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Gwen Ifill speaks about the election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as Liberia's president and the challenges ahead for the West African nation with Chris Fomunyoh, senior associate for Africa at the National Democratic Institute, and Mike McGovern from the International Crisis Group.
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August 25, 2005
Bameda, Cameroon

Impact Alliance mobilizing NGO capacity in Cameroon: Dan Barthmaier, a Johns Hopkins SAIS student completing a summer internship with The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) in Bamenda, Cameroon, tells about his experiences helping conduct workshops for local NGOs. Read

August 21, 2005
The Herald

Awa Stateson, country-coordinator of The Fomunyoh Foundation, on NGOs in the North West. Read

July 23, 2005
ICIcemac, Cameroon

Dr Chris Fomunyoh "Prolonging Biya's mandate is dangerous for our country" by Mokun Njouny Nelson. Read

July 19, 2005
The Herald, Cameroon

Cameroon: Media organs urged to adopt community-oriented programmes. Read

Le 17 Juin 2005
ICIcemac, Cameroun

Christopher Fomunyuh "En tant que Camerounais, je suis préoccupé par l’avenir de mon pays." Lire la suite

Issue 6.2
Summer/Fall 2005
Georgetown Journal of
International Affairs
"Africa's Democratic Deficit" Article by Chris Fomunyoh Read
June 16, 2005
BBC World Today

"African statesmen speak their minds," — BBC interviews five of the continent's elder statesmen to find out what their message would be to the G8 leaders. Read

June 8, 2005
BBC World Service: Africa Live

What to do with former heads of state when they leave office is a source of debate for many Africans. The African Statesmen Initiative, which is being launched in Mali is hoping to focus on the positive examples of life after office. BBC Africa Live is asking: Is there life after the presidency? Should retired presidents be involved in politics? And should they continue to enjoy immunity?

  Interview with H.E. Amos Sawyer, Former President of Liberia; H.E. Jerry Rawlings, Former President of Ghana; and Dr. Chris Fomunyoh, Senior Associate for Africa, NDI (3.5 MB)
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June 6, 2005
African Statesmen Initiative Symposium: Leadership and Democratization Remarks by Kenneth Wollack, President, National Democratic Institute Read
June 5-8, 2005
ASI- African

Bamako, Mali
Panel I: Leadership, Security, and Conflict Management Read
June 5-8, 2005
ASI - African

Bamako, Mali
Final Report "Inaugural Symposium on Leadership and Democratization" Read
May 21, 2005
"Ghana, Beacon of Stability in West Africa; South Africa's New National Party Disbands; Mozambique's Marxist Rule Becomes Democratic" INSIDE AFRICA Program Transcript Read
February 9, 2005
"Africa: African Solutions To African Problems: A Slogan Whose Time Has Passed" Article by Dr. Chris Fomunyoh Read
February 8, 2005
The Post Online and ICIcemac, Cameroon
"African Solutions To African Problems: A Slogan Whose Time Has Passed" Article by Dr. Chris Fomunyoh Read
Le 24 Janvier, 2005
Conseil du Dr Fomunyoh du NDI aux partis burkinabé : "Evitez un jeu politique malsain!" Lire la suite