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September 28, 2015

Peace does not necessarily mean the absence of war, but rather it is giving a fair chance at home, at work and generally in society. As Cameroon recently join the international community to celebrate the World Peace Day, under the theme “Dignity for all, partnership for peace,” one can help but wonder, what dignity or peace one can find or feel in the society, where the elderly won’t give the youths a chance to take the helm despite of the fact that they have had their own chances? How does the society develop when even the roads which are the major road to development are terrible? But taxes are introduced every day!

It is not just about development itself, because if we are advised everyday to practice safe sex, fidelity or abstinence, and we do not listen, only to bring forth children into the world who may be stigmatized throughout their lives? Why not better be saved than sorry. Because no matter the number of treatment centres we create, we can still prevent the problem from the onset.

It is better to make peace at the beginning rather than try to solve trouble at the end!