The Fomunyoh Foundation Humanitarian Caravan in the East of Cameroon
November 9, 2015

From the North West to the Northern Regions, through the West and Littoral Regions, the East Region has benefited from this charitable venture.

"Je suis dans la joie, une joue immense, je sius dans l'emotions car Yaweh ma liberer..." - I am filled with joy. for Jesus has liberated me. This is the refrain of one of the songs from the about 40 children of LA FONDATION MARIE FRANCE orphanage of Nkolbiton the Nkolbiton neighborhood in Bertoua, as they received Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, President of The Fomunyoh Foundation- TFF.T his was just Act 1, scene 1, of his visit to the East Region of Cameroon.

Children love gifts and so it could not have been otherwise. Biscuits, rice, sugar, milk, flour. goodies for the body and soul; but also a consignment of books from The Fomunyoh Foundation Library o enrich the minds of the innocent kids who never decided to be where they are today.

Reason why, according to Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh we have to be good in our lives, taking care of children, especially the unfortunate and downtrodden. This he said, explained why The Fomunyoh Foundation that he heads, could not have missed the opportunity when it was solicited by the LA FONDATION MARIE FRANCE orphanage. He gave, a firm promise to come back regularly.

It was an eventful evening animated by the children, Association Cultura Cameroun and the Rhumsiki Choir and Band. To the leader of the group; it is a dream comes true that The Fomunyoh Foundation responded to their appeal.

Hilaire Pankui expressed thanks to Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh for giving his group the honour after their trips to South Korea and Gabon. "You have made Cameroonians proud", Dr. Fomunyoh said.

LA FONDATION MARIE FRANCE was founded in 2003 by Sister Marie France Mzandari, whose humanitarian works has had recognition from the Vatican.

ACT 2 SCENE 1: THE FOMUNYOH FOUNDATION offers Prayer for peace at the Bertoua Cathedral

Hundreds showed up at the Saint Famille Cathedrale, Bertoua to join in the mass service at the behest of The Fomunyoh Foundation -TFF, which is on a humanitarian mission to the East Region of the country. This was on Sunday November 1, 2015, that by some coincidence was All Saints Day on the Christian calendar.

Addressing Christians, Rev. Fr Bruno Anyangma, administrator of the Bertoua Catholic Cathedral was categorical that peace and security were indispensible for God's people to serve humanity. This explained why in his homily he hailed actions like those being carried out by the TFF President Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh. The man of God made it clear that each and every one, Christian or non-Christian could be a saint by his or her actions at the service of humanity.

ACT 2 SCENE 2: Message to village associations: preserve your culture in unity

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh took time off to visit some village associations in his part of the country. First, the Momo community in Bertoua and then the Wimbum - Donga Munung community. It should be recalled that he holds the traditional title of "Ta Nformi Cameroon" bestowed on him by the Fon of Nkambe in Donga Muntung Division. To these people the message was the same; preserve your culture in unity for the entire benefit of the country.

ACT 3: Book donation to schools

On Monday September 2, 2015 Lycee Bilingue Bertoua, College Therestra, the Catholic University of Bertoua and the Bertoua government-owned linguistic Center received consignment of books donated from The Fomunyoh Foundation Library. The same exercise continued the next day in Abong-Mbang where the beneficiary institutions included the Government Bilingual High School Abong Mbang and the College Catholique Jean Paul 11.