Bertoua With Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh: Philantropy at its Best!
November 30, 2015

Bamenda to Bertoua is a close to 700km journey; long and tiring. But if a journey is for a good cause, the kilometers seem like meters. Braving the bumpiness of the Bamenda - Mbouda road, through the lifeless Santa toll gate, I was drawn to believe that North West Region is a forgotten portion. Is the government really aware of the state of the road leading to one of the two anglophone regions in the country? Well, the Express Road to Bertoua, from Younde, gave me hope that some day it is going to be better for us in the South West and North West Regions of our beloved Cameroon. And back to why I dared — I dared because I wanted to be an eye witness.

Who would have thought that a man from the North West Region of Cameroon would take charity and philanthropy to the East Region of Cameroon? Most people will stick to the self belief that charity begins and ends at home, but unless you are a true Cameroonian at heart, you will never function the way this icon functions. He has touched about 7 regions of the country this year already, and he is hoping to touch more. Seriously, who has broken that record in Cameroon?

I heard about what was supposed to happen, I went to Bertoua, I saw, I experienced, and I came back with facts — pictures. Here are the different activities that Characterized Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh one week stay in Bertoua and Abong Mbang, in pictures.

Visit to "Fondation Marie France" orphanage

Visit to "Fondation Nazareth" Orphange

Book donation at Lycee Bilingue de Bertuoa

Book donation at College Bilingue Teerenstra Bertoua

Book donation at Catholic University Bertoua

Book donation at Lycee Bilingue d'Abong Mbang

Book donation at College Prive Catholique Jean II Abong Mbang

Book launch (The Cameroon of Tomorrow. Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh: The Man in his Words) By Njouny Nelson at the Bertoua Linguistic Center.

Mass at Paroisse Sainte Famille Cathedrale Bertoua

Meeting with Donga Mantung Community of Bertoua as Ta Nformi Cameroon

All is well that ends well. And again, Dr. Fomunyoh gave me another reason to respect him. It was indeed a full package in Bertoua on the first week of November 2015 — a week to remember.

Source: The Cameroonian Traveller