Cry for Help
April , 2014

My name is Ashankem Mispeh, I am a 34 year Cameroonian and holder of a vocational training diploma in agriculture.

Life has not been smiling with me. In fact if I am still alive today, it is by the grace of God. I fell ill shortly after my husband sent me parking from our marital home, not allowing me to take anything along. I went to my fathersí house with nothing but was pregnant for my last son. Now he is for years old.

The worst is that my older sister who was not married died and left behind three children under my care. The second child, a girl is already becoming promiscuous, because she is unable to meet up with her needs. The last is five years has a problem with the knees and needs medical attention. This I cannot, already being unable to afford a full meal per day.

My father died in 2007 and when I returned home my stepbrother would not allow me. Having nowhere to go I decided to go by the law, and the matter went right up to the Appeal Court. They promised to kill me and it was during this period that I fell sick. Afraid, I abandoned the matter.

Presently, I have managed to take a room, have a bed but no mattress, my children are not with me and I am depressed for I feel they need me, without their father.

I am praying for anybody who can help me so I can have the means to stay with and take care of the children especially to help take care of the medical situation of the orphan was has problems with the legs. Even with a piglet I can start a piggery. God bless you.

Ashankem Misper
Bambui, North West Region, Cameroon